Photo Laurence FischerI am a naturalist & documentary photographer and a journalist born and raised in Lyon, France. I took my father’s camera as I was a young child and did not set down a camera since.

I am focused on the human relationships to the earth’s Polar Regions. I always felt attracted to the polar regions. I discovered the Arctic at 22, and immediately knew I was at the right place. From this time, I travelled a lot both to the Arctic and Antarctica, as a photographer through my personal photographic projects and on an expedition ship, and as a guide.

As a photographer and writer, I am dedicating my life to a better understanding and protection of our planet’s remote places and wildlife by sharing their stories, as well as the stories of people whose lives have been shaped by them.

My work has been exhibited internationally (French Indies, Bolivia, USA, Germany, France) and has been featured in many publications, including National Geographic and Paris Match. In 2017, I integrated the photo agency Naturimages.

I belong to the tribe of the generalist lecturers, and will share with enthusiasm my passion for the inhabited regions, the wildlife and the issues of locals leaving there.

I spend most of each year in expedition photography programs in destinations around the world.

Feel free to contact me for any question or to ask for a quote to order a fine art print!

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